Rachel Rose

Energetic alchemist, ritualist, magnetic force.

Rachel Rose is magnetic. She draws people into her field, just by being herself. Her most authentic and true self. Because that’s where the magic happens, when her most vulnerable self connects with another’s. 

This expression is the full embodiment of the work she does as an Emotional Alchemist and tarot reader through her business, The Soul Connection. And while Rachel is relatively new to the energy space career wise, her ability to connect with others on a deeper level is something she says has probably always been within her, even during her years working in the events space. Which is probably why that career path never fully resonated.

Two years, and a giant leap of faith later, Rachel has not only built a supportive and trusted online community, through which she shares her wisdom and guidance through live tarot readings and her Sunday Soul Sessions. But she has also created her very own unique practice, through which she works across a number of frameworks and modalities to guide people to becoming the truest versions of themselves, both in a one-on-one and group setting.

I spoke to Rachel about how she discovered this calling and the internal struggles she had to overcome to see it come to life, how she helps people connect in with their emotions to heal years of trauma, and the power of the feminine rising when women champion women in a safe and supportive environment. 

Rachel Rose is…

Oh, big question. Rachel Rose is powerfully free. I think that probably summarises my healing journey, or at least what I’m moving towards. I think a lot of the work that I do personally and professionally, and what I’m about, is about reclaiming my sovereignty and being free and empowered to live the life that I want to without my own constraints and limitations. 

What do you do and when did you realise that this was your path, this is what you were meant to do with your life?

I think it probably started when I was quite young, because I always felt like I was a bit unique and different, but not necessarily in a weird way. I think if you ask people around me, they probably thought that I was fine, but I always had this feeling that I didn’t really fit in and that I couldn’t thrive in the world that I knew around me. 

When I think about what it is that I do, what is it that I support people with – it’s always a reflection of what I do myself or what my journey has been. My journey has been all about trusting the gentle nudges of my soul. And that’s what I try to empower my clients to do, to trust and honor what we can’t explain, but we feel called to do. And that’s kind of how I got into this work. 

It was maybe three or four years ago now, and I was moving through what I now know as a spiritual awakening, but at the time it was extreme grief and heartbreak. And how I coped was through YouTube tarot! There were a couple of readers and I was really inspired by the way that they would read tarot and that landed so deeply for me.I signed up to a tarot course soon after!

As that journey started to unfold, I started to feel like something was missing from my sessions. I have always had a unique way of reading that is very empowering, but i started to feel like something was missing from my sessions. I was having these breakthroughs with people, but was sending them off with all this information about themselves and their challenges and not giving them the tools to integrate it. I felt like I was only going halfway there and that I wanted to guide them through the transformation, not just highlight what had to be done.

That’s when I heard about The Spiral, which is the emotional clearing modality that I work with. That was the perfect framework for me to bring my intuitive spiritual gift into a more structured coaching transformational template.

You were an office worker in a previous life – was this connection with spirit and way of self-inquiry always something you connected with, or is it only in the last couple of years that it’s come up for you? 

I think the last few years I’ve actually listened to it. I’ve definitely had moments where I felt deeply connected to my spiritual path, but maybe didn’t listen. I believe the more we open, the more intensive it becomes.

The event industry that i worked in was slowly destroying my soul. It’s the kind of work that is really difficult and it demands a lot. You’re either all in, or it’s not for you. And I knew that my soul wasn’t all in.

I was sitting in meditation and spirit kept coming through saying, you have to quit your job. It was like a broken record. You have to quit your job. You have to quit your job. You have to quit your job. And I was so confused because I was like, what do you mean? I just go to pay rise, I’m thriving, everything’s great, I’m on track with all my goals. 

And that was around the time of the new moon in Sagittarius in December. Then six months later, to the week, I quit my job. I just knew that I couldn’t be there for one more second, it’s time to leave. And I found out after I gave my notice that it was that week was the full moon in Sagittarius. So there had been a complete cycle since the seed was planted. 

I share with a lot of people about how our life can take a turn very quickly, and how sometimes it’s out of our control, especially if it’s out of alignment. I often feel it’s like the tower card in tarot, that if it’s really that out of alignment, it might blow up in front of your face. 

But it still wasn’t time to take action. We can get that feeling and that push, but there needs to be patience sometimes with the universe, as well as divine timing. We can get excited and inspired, and then our human self has to step in and create the framework and the structure to bring that into manifestation. You’ve got to meet the universe halfway. 

So once I got the push from spirit, it was like, okay, I need a business coach. I need to master my social media, I need to do all these things. And then six months later I had established myself enough to take that leap. 

I guess it’s one thing having a calling and knowing what you want to do, but then if you’re going to make a career out of it that you have to also have that practicality behind you, the foundation that’s going to make it a viable business for you. So was that a big learning curve?

Yeah, it was a big learning curve. And even though the whole time I was at the agency, I didn’t want to be there, I learnt so much. I got paid to learn marketing, sales, business systems, admin, HR, a lot of things that I was able to transfer into my business. 

But the biggest learning curve was pushing through my perfectionist archetype. I also carry the high achiever, I want everything to be perfect. I want to succeed because that’s linked to my sense of self-worth and control. I know that about myself. So for me, there was always a reason why I shouldn’t take the leap.

But when I decided to just show up imperfectly and just show up consistently, that’s what got me to where I am now. There was this part of me that was like, you’ve got this, just trust your spiritual gifts, that you don’t have to control everything. And you can allow the magic to be created. That’s what we’re doing here, where we’re stepping into trust and we’re allowing the magic, we’re not controlling it.

That’s one of the things I respect most about you, is that you’re very open and you’re very honest and vulnerable with your community. Do you think any of that was intentional or is it just who you are?

I think it’s who I am and I’ve realised that there’s no other way to show up than as who I actually am. I want my work to be an expression of me and I don’t want to ever have to hide myself in order to get clients.

If I rock up and do an Instagram live, often what I find is that while there are a number of people watching, I’m speaking to one person in particular. There’ll be one person after that sends me a message, and they’ll be like, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. And that’s why I show up. It’s not for the masses. 

My work is very personalised, it’s very one-to-one, even in group stuff, there’s still a sense of intimacy. I think it’s just who I am. I’m at a social gathering, I’m that person by the fire having a D&M with someone for three hours. We’d go deep and that’s how I love to connect with people. I want to go deep. I want to go all in.

Mentors have been a really big part of the way that you have developed and grown. So can you tell me a bit about those people that have made an impact on your life?

So the first thing I want to say about all of my mentors and coaches, is that I never really over-thought it. They were always people that landed in my field that my heart and soul said, I need to work with them. And it would often be after I’d put the intention out there.

When I knew I needed a business coach, I remember getting an ad on Instagram for this free course. And then one thing led to another, and I signed up to my mentorship with Kamila Gornia, from Heart Behind Hustle. She’s all about heart-centered sales and marketing and what she’s supported me with.

And then I think one of the biggest influences I’ve had was EJ love. She was my intimacy coach and she was how I got into emotional clearing. Within three weeks of working with her, I quit my job and I met a man – and I’d been single for about 10 years. So that was huge.

You’re a Spiral practitioner, and it’s a huge part of how you work. What does it involve? 

Spiral is a framework that works with the chakras. There are seven levels that relate to each of the seven chakras. We clear three core human emotions at each level. And the way in which we get the emotions for each level is from a vibrational point of view, from a frequency, which uses the framework of the scale of consciousness. 

For example, the base chakra focussed on our deservingness, about our connection to earth, and will often bring up self-worth, lack energy, and survival. It’s very primal, but is also about our deservingness to be here on the earth plane. It’s very anchored to self-worth, and the emotions we clear here are shame, guilt and dogma. These are the lowest vibrational emotions on the scale of consciousness. 

Then we move to the sacral chakra, and this is more around creativity and connection to tribe. Then to the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, until we get to the crown. And this is all about peace, joy, enlightenment, and purpose. So you can see how even without going through all of them, that we start at shame, which is the lowest vibrational emotion, move up this spiral, along the way, clearing the gunk and all that’s blocking us from being, doing, having anything that we want.

All of these things unconsciously stopping us from essentially taking action and living in true alignment, living in our truth. We clear the emotions by muscle testing to find, at what age we first created a pattern to each emotion. 

It could be age three, four, and five. Something happened, and we anchored into that emotion. And this pattern is usually something someone can place in their life now. And that’s where people get a little bit mind blown. 

We just carry it, you know? And it’s stored in our emotional field and it keeps playing out until we clear it. And we can clear these things through other practices, whether you go to counseling, whether you do journaling, there are ways in which to bring awareness. But Spiral does it in a way where it not only highlights and brings awareness to it, but it also clears it in one go. 

From my personal experience, it was so powerful and gave me all the tools and integrations to keep working through whatever came up.

So Spiral is a one-on-one practice, but you have The Ritual Club as well. Can you tell me what it’s all about?

The Ritual Club is something that I birthed and created myself. It’s a sacred group container for women. And often the women in that space are either beginning their spiritual journey or actually quite connected, but they feel a pull. And the reason I get so excited about group work is because every single woman in that space has something to give.

It’s a combination of structured course contents where we do a lot of learning. It really is about all the tools that I have gathered from so many different modalities, from yoga and breathwork and meditation, to my psychic development, my love for embodiment and astrology too.

What I teach in The Ritual Club is how you can connect with yourself. Connect with spirit and connect in with this human experience. And when we merge the two through the heart, that’s when we can live a really aligned life.

Why did you choose to keep it as a female-only space?

A lot of the stuff that I share is to do with relationships and my purpose work. And at the moment, where I’m at with my development, I relate with women, and I think that they relate with my journey. 

It comes from a place of safety, it comes from a place of women or sisters coming together and holding that space and healing the sisterhood wound. 

There’s been a really lovely shift back to sisterhood. I feel like something that we really lost as a society; it was so competitive. But to have those safe spaces now, women’s circles, like The Ritual Club, where women are actually supporting, championing, really lifting other women up. It’s so powerful.

There’s actually nothing more powerful. I have goosebumps thinking about it. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the feminine rise and be empowered. And when we are full within ourselves from that overflow, we want others to thrive. We want others to succeed. And that’s what we do in The Ritual Club. We fill our own cup to the point where we are overflowing. And from that space, we get to give this overflow, give this love to the world and we get to do that in our own sacred container. 

Why is this work so important for you personally? What do you get from it?

I get to learn, not just from myself, but from every woman that enters my field. Every single person that I work with is a reflection of where I’m at. My journey is to be of service. And the only way that I can do that is to continue to evolve and transcend my own limitations. 

So what I get from this is the motivation and the inspiration to move through my own stuff, because it’s not just for my own self gain. The more I am willing to face and move through, the deeper I can take my clients on their transformation. We can only meet people where we’re at. 

Soon we will have a really big community of amazing people who get to share their skills and their gifts with the world. It won’t be about me. It will be a platform that we all get to have an energy exchange and contribution into. And that’s my bigger vision.

How does this coming year look for you? What have you called in?

The Ritual Club is going to a whole new level, and I’m really excited to work with these women in a more customised way. 

I also have two other things that are on the cards. I am wanting to launch a tarot mentorship program. At the moment it’s going to be very intuitive and it’s not necessarily for the beginner, but maybe for the person who is familiar with the cards, but wants to go to the next level and be their own authentic reader.

And then I am journeying through Womb Spiral practitioner training this year. So I will be a certified Womb Spiralist by 2022 as well, which means I take women through the Spiral journey through the womb, which is on a whole nother level of magic and magnetism. It’s a deep connection with the feminine. So I’m excited for that. 

And I will be launching a group program later in the year around intimacy and relationship. I’m not sure what that is yet. It hasn’t fully birthed and dropped in, but I think it’s going to be called The Magnetic Womb-am, cause I’m feeling very connected to the womb being magnetic. It’s been a big part of my journey as women.

That’s so exciting, I’m looking forward to following your journey this year! 

My last question for you is, what does a truly happy, really blissful day look like for you?

Oh, what a question! Well, I just got this image of the beach. I need the ocean to cleanse and just feel so deeply connected and held again. I feel the ocean is very feminine and I think a blissful day for me would be waking up somewhere in nature, meditating for an hour with no alarm. 

I love meditating now, it’s such a gift when it’s not crammed into my busy schedule. Being able to really connect in with myself and spirit in that way is always such a gift. And to be honest, I’d be getting a lot of work done. I love connecting with my clients. It’s such a big part of what brings me a lot of joy. And then probably in the evening there would be some romantic dinner with my partner and a couple of orgasms.

What else could you ask for!

Absolutely nothing!

The Ritual Club begins on 17th March, schedule in a chat with Rachel via this link at The Soul Connection if you’d like to find out more. Follow Rachel on Instagram or learn more about her work on her website.

Listen to Rachel’s podcast episode here.

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