Reigan Jackson

Star reader, embodied guide, awakener. 

Some people tell her she’s the luckiest person they’ve ever met. That life has fallen in her favour, especially when she’s needed it most. But the truth is, Reigan Jackson deeply understands the forces that are guiding her through life and how to harness them so that she receives everything she needs and wants. And she has received this knowledge through her study of the stars, as a decade-long student of astrology.

Reigan lives and breathes astrology and in her presence you can’t help but be swept up in her passion – even the most pessimistic of minds would probably be turned towards the stars. Because it’s very clear that she embodies her work, and is able to communicate, what can be a controversial topic, with authority and grace. Plus she is genuinely one of the brightest spirits in the room, beaming joy to all who come into her field.

Reigan isn’t here to convince anyone whether or not to “believe”, but to awaken as many people to the possibility that they aren’t living at their highest vibration. She wants to share her gift and her connection with spirit to enlighten the lives of those around her. 

I spoke to this magnetic being about her path to finding and connecting with astrology, the struggles that she’s had to overcome to allow herself to open up fully to the experience, how she deals with the sceptics, and the exciting next steps in her journey with her business The Art of Astrology.

Reigan Jackson is…

Reigan Jackson is an astrologer slash divine messenger. I connect very deeply with the ancient practice of decoding star patterns and I’m also someone that is very connected to the conscious community and a cheerleader for the mindful style of living.

What do you do and when did you realise this was your path?

Funnily enough, it has been a very synchronistic journey. Astrology has been something that I’ve been really interested in since I was around 17. And it’s been this ongoing journey of tapping into it little by little, but always feeling really connected to the truth of all of it. 

When I first arrived in Australia in 2016, I had a short trip to Sydney and I stumbled across this bookshop. And it was one of these bookshops where there are just books everywhere. There’s no organisation. I walked in and was drawn to this book. It was almost like it was glowing at me. And when I pulled it out, it was an astrology book that had been written in the 1920s. 

I bought it, and when I left the shop I opened it up and just thought, I am never going to be able to understand this. It was like advanced science and maths. So I just kept it on the back burner. Two years later I had planned a trip to Mullumbimby, and when I was packing I wasn’t really conscious of what I was taking. I had packed lots of my books and lots of crystals, because it was one of these spiritual adventures that I do once a year. 

I was having a ceremony up on Mullumbimby mountain during the full moon in Sagittarius and I was deep in my ceremony when I received a message from Spirit. That message had told me to go and collect the book, which I had unknowingly brought with me. 

I opened the book and all of a sudden I understood it, the pages made sense when they hadn’t before. In this deep meditation, the whole art of astrology was gifted to me. And from that moment, I’ve been very serious about it and it’s become my life’s work. 

That’s awesome. I love that story, it’s so beautiful. I’ve had a reading with you and it’s very obvious how in tune you are, it feels like it absolutely flows through you. It’s effortless. From the moment that you knew that’s what you wanted to do, what education did you undertake to get to where you are now, where you are actually taking clients on?

As an Aquarius myself, I’ve always been a studier. I think I spent about a year studying, particularly this 1920s book, and then other resources and different workshops. I’d been looking for a mentor since the day after that experience in Mullumbimby, but none had ever resonated. I didn’t feel the pull to anyone in Melbourne and was getting a bit frustrated. 

So I let it go and focused on settling my life, and lo and behold, about two months into COVID I was doing a little search and my mentor came through – she was the first link on Google! And honestly, she hadn’t been there for the last two years. 

Her name is Ruanna and she owns her own school called tarot in action. She is a pillar of divine knowledge. I did her eight month course, and towards the end I was still feeling that I wasn’t quite ready, but she really helped me with that confidence. And since then it has absolutely flowed, so beautifully. 

It’s a constant learning experience and it always will be. And that’s also why I love astrology, it’s never ending. But I’m finally at this point where I’m carrying the knowledge and being able to spread it and help others awaken through their stars. It’s very humbling.

Can you tell me a bit about what astrology is? What does it encompass?

Astrology is a sacred art or a sacred science. For me it’s an amalgamation of both. It’s an ancient practice that has been studied and utilised since pre-Babylonian times. As humans have always looked to the stars for guidance. They have been a map for the physical world and the metaphysical as well.  Essentially, astrology is this sacred numerology system that we can learn and also a language in its own sense.

When we’re born, the planets and celestial bodies are in a certain alignment in the sky, and astrology is studying that sky, understanding what those planets are communicating, studying the archetype, studying the mythology, and then compiling all this knowledge into one very deep understanding  to use as your guide. It’s a cosmic Bible, and by understanding that Bible, I am then able to read the characteristics of not only of an individual, but the cosmic patterns that we are existing within at any given moment. From here it’s about forecasting energetic patterns so that we can access the cosmic gifts offered in every cycle. 

How do you then apply that to your client offering? If somebody came to you, what sort of experience would they get?

When it comes to astrology, it’s such a vast subject and it’s very individual to each astrologer. We all fundamentally follow the same Bible, but it’s also a very intuitive skill. I offer various services, but one of the most popular, and where we should always begin, is the birth chart reading.

As human beings, we move through life and we are experiencing it firsthand – we know ourselves and we know our personality, but there’s certain aspects of the self that we just can’t understand. Certain traits we may have that we just can’t pinpoint where they came from. And there might be areas of our life where we just can’t seem to move forward.

A birth chart reading is essentially a deep journey into the self. So when someone comes to me for a reading, it’s a two hour session and we go through the Zodiac wheel. The Zodiac wheel is divided into certain areas of our life, and every sign is that certain archetype and it comes with its own story and its own magic and it’s own energy. 

So when I’m sitting with someone, we journey through all the areas of the personality and what is manifesting through them. Essentially what I want to help people do is align with the highest vibration. 

And that’s also something that I would like to say about astrology. 

Astrology will never be the complete answer. It is only ever supposed to be used as a guide. So this birth chart that I provide is a guide to self and the guide to understanding why you are the way you are. And it’s also giving you this map to help you align to that highest vibration of the energies that are manifesting these views.

For sure. Because sometimes, even if you’re doing the work, you may need a person to reflect back to you what you’re experiencing. It’s very easy to second guess yourself on your own journey. 

Yes, absolutely. And I see that often; a lot of people that are acting unconsciously. There are aspects of their personality that they’re just allowing to play out just because that’s what they’ve always known.

When they have the choice to change that negative vibration and start to align to that higher vibration, it’s a big wake up call to who you are. 

When someone comes and gets a reading with you, how do they then take that information away? What’s the integration process?

That’s one of the things that’s the most important to me, the integration, because we can sit and we can have all this information thrown at us, but the integration is actually where the work is really done. And because my sessions are two hours it can be a lot of information! 

My mission is to help every client align to the best version of themselves and live their best lives. So as we’re having our conversation, I’m writing all the points down, and from there, I go away and I will write a report and I will advise on certain steps, practices, modalities, and sometimes I’ll even find a group or connection for this particular person. I’ve found communities within their area that I think they’ll resonate with or I’ll recommend a particular meditation. 

I’m also currently working on a follow-up four week guide to help people really digest and integrate that information.

I feel like astrology got a bit of a bad rap over the years, especially in terms of its authenticity. How do you navigate those conversations with the sceptics out there?

It is hard. And that was one of the things that I struggled with the most, because as I was stepping into my gift, the logical part of myself was still saying, this isn’t a real job. What are my parents going to think about this? Because it is so tainted from those generic horoscopes you see in magazines.

But once I moved through that, and knew that this is my truth and what I know to be real, I very quickly realized that a huge part of my journey is reigniting that flame. My whole being is here to literally remind people. Because we all know what we feel, it’s really just about waking us up to that connection.

What I would say to people who are quite skeptical is that the proof is in the pudding. The person is a quantifiable result. I used to fight the case for it, but I realised that I can’t turn anyone and I don’t want to turn anyone. Everyone will come to the understanding when they’re ready. But also, have a session, see how it feels, see if it resonates. And I promise you, it will blow your mind. 

I feel like that’s the case with any sort of work around energetics, or anything that’s self-actualising, self-guided or that shows you to yourself. Or when you’re reflecting a version of yourself you don’t like, it’s easy enough to dismiss as woowoo. And obviously you can take it as far as you want, but I think it is just another tool like therapy, like any sort of work that shows you to yourself.

Absolutely. And it’s one of the things as we shift into this new conscious way of living that we’re now seeing everywhere. There’s a Reiki store on the high street, vegan food, sustainability, it’s even coming through our sciences or psychology, and we’re beginning to understand consciousness and energy. 

And for me, astrology is just another key to unlocking this door. It’s one of those things that can’t be quantified in any physical way, but is quantifiable in the human experience, and quantifiable through you yourself. 

I think that’s where the dismissal of it comes in – I don’t understand it, so it must not be true.

Exactly. I myself have been victim to that generic understanding of the signs, based on what you read in magazines. They’re written generic enough to make you feel like any of them could resonate with you. But honestly Taryn, you have had a session with me, can you imagine trying to bring that down to 5 sentences? It’s impossible, and that’s where the distrust comes in.

You’re so much more than even your sun sign. You need to look at the whole picture. And for some, it’s too much information, and they don’t want to delve into it at that level. That’s why people like myself are here to dedicate their life to making that information digestible. And it’s why it took me eight years to study it.

It’s all worth it! How would you like to see the rest of this year play out? What’s on the cards for you?

My mission here is to awaken people. We actually have these tools available to us that help us navigate life in a really beautiful, clear way. It helps us see the challenges and helps us move through these challenges with love and awareness. 

This year I will continue to give my sessions, and share that information and knowledge with people. But I’m also feeling really called to share this modality with other people from an educational perspective. I feel like, the more people that are really trained in astrology, the more the word can be spread. And the more that we can begin to normalise it as sacred art and science, the more people have access to it. 

So the next step for me is launching my Art of Astrology six months course! I’m launching it on the spring equinox, and that will be a six months course, journeying through not only astrology, but consciousness and community  as well. 

We’re going to journey through each archetype, each sign, each house and all the aspects. Essentially, I’m packing everything that I’ve learned in these eight years into a six months course. By the end of this course, you will be able to not only read and understand the fundamentals of astrology in a really deep way, but you’ll also be able to read birth charts and share and help awaken others.

What I’m also working on at the moment is a follow-up program, where once someone has had a reading, they can touch base weekly and I can help them align their birth chart energy to the energy that’s happening now. Because the birth chart is only the beginning, the next step is quite a big jump. And I wouldn’t expect anyone to just be able to jump onto that after having a birth chart reading. 

So I am putting together a four week container where we can work through and actually bring their knowledge up to speed. 

Beautiful. So many good things coming up! Final question.  What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day. I would be waking up already at the top of the mountain. I love mountain energy, maybe because it’s closer to the sky, more connected to the stars. So yes, I would wake up on the mountain for sunrise. I would make a really delicious, nutritious bowl. I would be by myself – I love my own time and space. I would probably just sit there and absorb all of the energy of what it is to just be here. Now that’s one of my favourite things to do.

You’d probably find me with an Aldous Huxley book and my journal. I would probably just be writing and reading and all the time trying to figure life out. And then catching sunset and properly spending a good three hours on the phone to my Nana. My Nana is the brightest star of my life. And then movement naked, probably dancing under the stars. Just being connected in nature, that would be my perfect day. 

Connect with Reigan on her Instagram – The Art of Astrology

Listen to Reigan’s podcast episode here

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